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♥ Cherry Scar ♥

icons, colorbars & more!

Cherry Scar
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C H E R R I S H ♥
Be welcomed to this small livejournal community called CHERRY SCAR. I'm the only owner, call me Aisha. This started as the freebies page of my collective but now i offer many things for my visitors. Those things are icons, websites layouts (not livejournal because i'm afraid i don't know how to make them), profile layouts, fonts, wallpapers and many other things. You'll also found some personalized freebies that you can ask for (this are sometimes icons, banners or any other type of stuff that i found cute and that deserves being here). Well, you're now informed of what type of things you can see here so there you go to search in the entries and i hope you find something you like :)... hey! remember to read very carefully the rules!!

You can link back to this community with the following buttons (be happy, you can direct link them if you like).
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