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18 October 2008 @ 01:54 pm
OPEN: requests!  
I want to improve in my icon making stuff so i'll make some requests :) but please remember only icons (if you want colorbars you can head over to the colorbar posts and make suggestions but i don't promise i'll make them). So, if you want to request icons please keep these things in mind:

♥ I'll accept up to 3 icons per person.
♥ You have to provide photos or images of what you want your icons to be (if you want 2 icons, for example, made with the same image please tell me).
♥ Pleeeease big and high quality photos!
♥ Check that your links to the photos aren't broken before posting them.
♥ When you have your icons credit back to cherry_scar.
Waaaatch the com before requesting :D! (this is kinda important because i'll post all the icons in one big post when i have them all ready).
♥ My friends can request even when i close them :)... love for all of them xD.

Just for you to know i still don't have a closing date for these requests because i haven't done them before so don't think twice because i can close them when i feel like to xD. Oh, and i'll have them ready as soon as i can (too much college work nowadays). You can check examples of my icons here. Ok! It's time for some action! Post a comment in this post with your request incluiding all the information needed. You can use this form if you wish:
<b>Images:</b><br><b>Text</b> (if you want):<br><b>Anything else?</b> (brushes, colours, textures, etc.):

Thanks a lot to xxadorkable because i kinda based this post on theirs. Please visit them because they have super awesome icons on many many fandoms!