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22 January 2011 @ 08:23 pm
I haven't made icons in like forever. Well, here you have some Tangled icons that i made just because i couldn't find cute ones featuring the images i wanted (the world needs more Tangled love!). All the images i used were found in weheartit and random tumblrs (if you're wondering). I'd be more than happy to make icons if you have other images i didn't use :).

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21 February 2009 @ 06:25 pm
I've been watching these days Shugo Chara! and, for my surprise, it's amazingly good :D. I simply love all the character ♥. So here you have a couple of icons i made super fast (may be that's the reason for being so simple) for you guys. Please credit and comment in this post if you use :). Oh, and stay tunned because it's very probable that i make more icons or maybe even colorbars (Shugo Chara! it's just too cute to make only these ones xD).

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18 October 2008 @ 01:54 pm
I want to improve in my icon making stuff so i'll make some requests :) but please remember only icons (if you want colorbars you can head over to the colorbar posts and make suggestions but i don't promise i'll make them). So, if you want to request icons please keep these things in mind:

♥ I'll accept up to 3 icons per person.
♥ You have to provide photos or images of what you want your icons to be (if you want 2 icons, for example, made with the same image please tell me).
♥ Pleeeease big and high quality photos!
♥ Check that your links to the photos aren't broken before posting them.
♥ When you have your icons credit back to cherry_scar.
Waaaatch the com before requesting :D! (this is kinda important because i'll post all the icons in one big post when i have them all ready).
♥ My friends can request even when i close them :)... love for all of them xD.

Just for you to know i still don't have a closing date for these requests because i haven't done them before so don't think twice because i can close them when i feel like to xD. Oh, and i'll have them ready as soon as i can (too much college work nowadays). You can check examples of my icons here. Ok! It's time for some action! Post a comment in this post with your request incluiding all the information needed. You can use this form if you wish:
<b>Images:</b><br><b>Text</b> (if you want):<br><b>Anything else?</b> (brushes, colours, textures, etc.):

Thanks a lot to xxadorkable because i kinda based this post on theirs. Please visit them because they have super awesome icons on many many fandoms!
11 October 2008 @ 02:35 pm
Please don't forget to credit and comment if you take. Maybe i'll make some colorbars soon... because it seems that you people like a lot more my colorbars than my icons xD or that's what it seems :p.

[39] Twilight cast (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Steward, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, etc.)
[04] Misc (Audrey Kitching, Project Runway 4th season)

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02 August 2008 @ 10:16 am
Even though my book will arrive in a couple of days or weeks i still want to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn with some nice colorbars. I wanted to make more but i guess i was in a lack of creativity so if you have any colorbar request (characters, actors or text variation) put it in a comment here :). Remember to copy the code exactly as i give it to you and comment if you take or save. Oh, and please no spoilers here :D. Don't forget to check out my other batch of Twilight colorbars.

[07] Twilight books
[01] Edward Cullen
[02] Edward & Bella


31 July 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Happy Breaking Dawn's Eve! Well, for everyone here because i won't be able to read the read till it arrives (hurry up amazon! hurry up!) so no spoilers please ;). To celebrate this i bring you 45 Twilight (the movie) related icons (containing movie scenes, the actors, etc.) and 5 banners (friends only and those "Reading Breaking Dawn" ones that are kinda famous these days). Please don't forget to credit (don't know how to do it?) and comment if you take any :). Hope you all like them!

[03] Taylor Lautner / Jacob Black
[01] Stephenie Meyer & Kristen Stewart
[01] Robert Pattinson / Edward Cullen
[02] Rachelle Lefevre & Kristen Stewart
[01] Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner
[02] Nikki Reed / Rosalie Hale & Kellan Lutz / Emmett Cullen
[08] Kristen Stewart / Bella Swan
[01] Jackson Rathbone / Jasper Hale
[05] Cam Gigandet / James
[11] Kristen Stewart / Bella Swan & Robert Pattinson / Edward Cullen
[01] Billy Burke / Charlie Swan
[01] Peter Facinelli / Dr. Carlisle Cullen
[02] Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer & Kristen Stewart
[01] Ashley Greene / Alice Cullen
[03] Ashley Greene / Alice Cullen & Jackson Rathbone / Jasper Hale
[01] Robert Pattinson / Edward Cullen & Cam Gigandet / James
[01] Charlie Swan, Billy Black & Jacob Black
[02] Edward & Bella
[01] The Nomads
[02] Edward, Alice & Jasper

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I made some little changes to the resources page. I think that it'll be easier for everyone to find the images, tutoriales, textures, etc. that i use this way.